Steppengebiet La Serena/ Spanien

Weite, trockene Landschaft so weit das Auge reicht. Wer weite Steppenlandschaften liebt und das im Blog über die Steppen um Belchite beschriebene Gebiet nicht besuchen kann oder auf dem Weg nach Portugal, einen fotografischen Zwischenstopp in der Estremadura einlegen will, dem bietet sich ein kürzerer oder längerer Aufenthalt in einem der größten Steppengebiete Spaniens mit… Continue reading Steppengebiet La Serena/ Spanien

Bird migration in late fall on Seychelles – an abstract

Escaping the cold and shorts days in Germany in late fall is a real privilege. This time the target was the Seychelles Islands. Relaxing and birdwatching is both possible on these famous island near the equator. Whereas the bigger islands as Mahé or Praslin are famous for its endemic (and rare) land birds the smaller… Continue reading Bird migration in late fall on Seychelles – an abstract

Top Birds at Romania´s Black Sea Coast

South of the Danube Delta is a wide stretch of a sandy shoreline with shallow lagoons. This is part of Romania´s Black Sea coast. May is Migration and early breeding time. Whereas the association of the east Romanian countryside is normally with the core Danube Delta with its speciality birds like Pelicans, Black-necked and Red-necked… Continue reading Top Birds at Romania´s Black Sea Coast

Pratincole in Oman´s deserts

These pictures are from Dawkah Farm on 10th of march 2012. Migration time in the desert could be very rewarding as surprises could arise everywhere. So happens with this pratincole with a wine-red underwing. First I thought of course of a. But looking at the photos I did not find the white trailing edge on… Continue reading Pratincole in Oman´s deserts