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Johannes Ferdinand was born 1961 in Cologne, Germany. Very young, he was interested in nature and especially birds. He spent a big chunk of his spare time outdoors in nature.  Various trips to European countries, Africa and South America challenged his skills and knowledge concerning birds.

Soon he realized that photography was very useful to sort out different taxonomic questions on species level when checking the results of the trips. Photography is an excellent tool in environmental protection, too.

Since then, Johannes pursues bird photography professionally.  In the meantime, he has travelled around the globe for extended periods as a wildlife photographer, photographing the avifauna of dedicated habitats, taking pictures to portray birds and their habitats. In the past few years he has worked for one of the big natural science institutes in Germany. With his images, Johannes Ferdinand wants to help to identify birds and thus stimulate and increase the awareness of the magnificence of birds and in nature in general.

Johannes’ photographs are mainly published in national and international scientific magazines including Science, Spektrum der Wissenschaft, Der Falke, in “The Handbook of the Birds of the World” and in other Field Guides and Handbooks.


  1. Hallo Herr Ferdinand,
    von Jochen Dierschke,Vogelwarte Helgoland, erhielt ich Ihren Namen, als wir uns über “Happy Island” (China) austauschten.Mit Interesse habe ich Ihren Bericht über die Reise in 2007 gelesen. Ich hätte jetzt während eines beruflich veranlassten kurzen China-Aufenthaltes in der zweiten Novemberwoche für 4 Tage Gelegenheit, meinem Hobby Birding nachzugehen. Hätten Sie eventuell Tips oder Hinweise, wen man vor Ort kontaktieren könnte. Sie befürchteten ja schon, dass sich vieles geändert habe….

    Mit freundlichen Grüssen

    Carsten Cordes

  2. Hi Johannes,
    Like some of the pictures 😀
    Have you got some new bird specie or some non identity bird specie yet for Manu National Park .

    1. Yeap, this is me? 😀
      How have you been?
      Have you ever seen an Inka tananger all the years birdwatching in South America?
      It has been called/ identified as a new specie for Peru 🤔 I’m not sure about it being new specie for Peru. Who knows ?
      I remember I saw it a few times in 2002 and begging of 2003 Sandoval Lake/ Isla de los Monos and surrounding areas ( Puerto Maldonado. I didn’t know what specie was it then.) I though it was a Finch as it had a distinctive forked tail feathers. Its beak was peach color almost light pink. Its eye brown was darker as the pictures on Google. It looked dark olive-brown for me. ( I used to called it the angry Finch haha 😂) it looks like the angry birds cartoon.
      It is a pity I didn’t take pictures of many birds I captured or saw in South America. Nevertheless that is life .
      So, you are in Garganta del Diablo. (pretty place.) I hope you enjoy your trip .

      1. Hi Karina, interesting, what you wrote to me. Did you look in your e-mail? Do you mean Inti Tanager (Heliothraupis oneilli), a bird so distinctive that it is classified in a new genus by itself? The description sounds more for a bird of moutains. I am not in Garganta del Diablo, I am only writing about it now. Pls have a look in your e-mail. Cheers

      2. Hi there, 😀😀 Have you guys ever seen a South Island Kokako (Callaeas cinereus) …..Just kidding.😀
        I heard many stories of native people that believe it is alive… who knows … ? I’d been birdwatching in New Zealand last June- July. I saw the endangered “North Island Kokako “ (Callaeas wilsoni) in a New Zealander reserve and in the wild too, but never the orange wattle crow 🥲. So, many interesting looking birds to see there.

  3. Hi friend,
    Greeting from Wilflife traveler and photographer from Kaiserslautern, Germany. I am just here to get more information that where to find birds in Europe. 🙂

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