Common Snipe in courtship flight

Common Snipes, Gallinago gallinago, are always a prime birdwatchter´s and bird photographers target bird. A beautiful patterned wader that stays hidden normally in the grass, but is seen sometimes in the open; even allowing approach at short distance. If the snipe is startled it will burst out from its cover and fly in a zig-zag pattern to evade predators.
In the internet normally you will find thousands of images with the bird photographed on a fence post. This is the easy way. There are only a few exceptions where you can see Common Snipes in flight in the internet. Bird-lens is proud to show this bird in flight and even in display flight during courtship.
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Pratincole in Oman´s deserts

These pictures are from Dawkah Farm on 10th of march 2012. Migration time in the desert could be very rewarding as surprises could arise everywhere. So happens with this pratincole with a wine-red underwing. First I thought of course of a. But looking at the photos I did not find the white trailing edge on the wing. The wash of orange on underparts are quite extensive and the red on the bill is restricted to the very beginning of the bill. I am thinking of Oriental Pratincole but cannot exclude Collared Pratincole, either. More pictures, you will find under “Photo” in the Gallery. Who can help?

Young Pale Crag-Martin in flight over Oman

Pale Crag-Martin over the Oman Desert. Early spring in the desert could be very rewarding as surprises could arise everywhere. The birder has a chance to see birds in migration and to see the first birds breeding. A surprise was this Pale Crag-Martin, Hirundo obsolete or Ptyonoprogne obsolete patrolling over the little nice oasis of Mudday in the north-western corner of Dhofar/ Oman.

Interesting features of this particular bird were a yellow gape flange and a whitish-grey rump contrasting with the lead-grey back. These characters suggest a juvenile individual. The flight however has been very swift and showed that the bird was not an inexperienced one. Photos of a young Pale Crag-Martin I have never seen in the internet galleries. Bird-Lens is proud to present this nice pictures and more you will find in the gallery under Pale Crag-Marting of Oman. Bird Lens hopes that these images are of value for other birders, too.

Pale Crag-Martin, Hirundo obsoleta is a split of the widespread Rock Martin, Hirundo fuligula, and has been treated as a subspecies of the Rock Martin,  Hirundo fuligula obsoleta before.

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A Steppe Eagle, Aquila nipalensis: From Eye to Eye

Most pictures of Steppe Eagle you find in the internet are from falconry or zoos. But the keen birdwatchter want the right stuff. Here you can see Steppe Eagle, Aquila nipalensis, in the wild. Photographed in the desert environment of Dhofar/Oman near the city of Salalah. To cope with the growing demand for top shots of the rarer species of the Palearctic, Bird-Lens is keen to enrich the range of pictures of birds you can find in the western palearctic. Trips to remote places to capture images of rare birds of western palearctic were very successful. Part of the images gained are photos of Baillon’s Crake, Heuglin’s Gull and Imperial Eagle. The behaviour of Steppe Eagles is not very eagle-like. They prefer to scavange but are able to kill their own prey, too. This is the reason, that Steppe Eagles can be found on garbage dumps in Arabia where they find easy food supply on carcasses of livestock and slaughterhouse waste. Continue reading A Steppe Eagle, Aquila nipalensis: From Eye to Eye

Nearctic specialities on Bird-Lens

Each year, especially in fall, there is a high influx of birds from Northern American. Just have a look at the EUROTWITCH-BIRDLINE with rare bird alerts for Europe and Western Palaearctic under The birdline managed by our friend on the islands to the west of the continent is full with top birding observations as – e.g. ROSS’S SNOW GEESE, SMALL CANADA GOOSE, AMERICAN WIGEONS, BLUE-WINGED TEALS, LESSER SCAUPS, SURF SCOTERS or BUFFLEHEADS.
To cope with the growing demand for top shots of Nearctic birds from customers of the eastern side of the Atlantic ocean, too, Bird-Lens is proud to present a wide range of pictures shot in California, Arizona, New Mexico, Mexico and Florida. Are you interested? A first impression you will find in the gallery of Nearctic birds here. There you will finde 450+ Pictures of various bird species often in different plumages. An update of the image stock in the “Pictures Shop” is coming very soon. Just give me a message, if I could serve you with a request before the pictures are online.
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Germany: the best birding sites

„Die 50 besten Vogelbeobachtungsplätze in Deutschland“.  The 50 best bird observation sites in Germany. Where to observe birds in free nature? The answer to that question is delivered by a “Falke-Sonderband“. This release leads reliably to the best observation places in Germany. The text is written in german but the coordinates for each location speak for themselves. The booklet is full of nice images. One pictures is showing the Eurasian River Warbler of the author of this blog, which has been already commented in a previous blog. At the beginning of the booklet a geographical map points all 50 bird observation places and you can see, which „Hot spot “ is located for example in the proximity of your apartment or your hotel. The one, who is keen to observe a target bird can informed himself with a list of observation places to 240 species of birds. Continue reading Germany: the best birding sites