Heath-moor landscape: spring awakening

Dusk falls over the high moor. A burring sound is suddenly heard over the bulbs and pines. A Eurasian Woodcock (Scolopax rusticola)  is on its territorial flight. She can also be seen briefly. A little later, the long-eared owl (Asio otus) reports with its typical call from an oak stand. In spring, life awakens in… Continue reading Heath-moor landscape: spring awakening

Boreal Owl – living in harsh conditions in the high-altitude forest

The little owl seems almost curious to look down at the excited observer. He had flown up without any sound. Now the bird alternately looks down (to the photographer) and then up again – probably to identify avian enemies in good time. The yellow iris reflects the sun and sparkles. It is a Boreal Owl… Continue reading Boreal Owl – living in harsh conditions in the high-altitude forest

Capercaillie in wildlife enclosure

Old and weakened trees have not been felled and removed from the forests for years, but remain there until they are knocked over by the wind or pushed down by the snow. Insects such as the bark beetle, which are seen as pests in commercial forests, are allowed to make their natural contribution to forest… Continue reading Capercaillie in wildlife enclosure

Long-eared Owls in Hungary in winter

In a small side street of the sleepy town of Balmazújváros in eastern Hungary, almost in the city center next to the church, up to 10 Long-eared Owl (Asio otus) have been hiding in large trees for years. A bizarre sight that makes every photographer or birdwatcher’s heart beat faster. Long-eared Owls are not uncommon… Continue reading Long-eared Owls in Hungary in winter

Waldohreulen am Wintereinstand

In einer kleinen Seitenstraße des verschlafenen Städtchen Balmazújváros im Osten Ungarns, fast im Stadtzentrum neben der Kirche, verstecken sich schon seit Jahren bis zu 30 Waldohreulen (Asio otus) in großen Bäumen. Ein skurriler Anblick, der jedem Fotografen oder Vogelbeobachter das Herz höher schlagen lässt. Waldohreulen sind durchaus nicht selten. Allerdings sind sie außerhalb der Winterzeit… Continue reading Waldohreulen am Wintereinstand

Top Birds at Romania´s Black Sea Coast

South of the Danube Delta is a wide stretch of a sandy shoreline with shallow lagoons. This is part of Romania´s Black Sea coast. May is Migration and early breeding time. Whereas the association of the east Romanian countryside is normally with the core Danube Delta with its speciality birds like Pelicans, Black-necked and Red-necked… Continue reading Top Birds at Romania´s Black Sea Coast