Long-eared Owls in Hungary in winter

In a small side street of the sleepy town of Balmazújváros in eastern Hungary, almost in the city center next to the church, up to 10 Long-eared Owl (Asio otus) have been hiding in large trees for years. A bizarre sight that makes every photographer or birdwatcher’s heart beat faster. Long-eared Owls are not uncommon… Continue reading Long-eared Owls in Hungary in winter

Waldohreulen am Wintereinstand

In einer kleinen Seitenstraße des verschlafenen Städtchen Balmazújváros im Osten Ungarns, fast im Stadtzentrum neben der Kirche, verstecken sich schon seit Jahren bis zu 30 Waldohreulen (Asio otus) in großen Bäumen. Ein skurriler Anblick, der jedem Fotografen oder Vogelbeobachter das Herz höher schlagen lässt. Waldohreulen sind durchaus nicht selten. Allerdings sind sie außerhalb der Winterzeit… Continue reading Waldohreulen am Wintereinstand

Long-eared Owl chased by a Magpie

A rainy day in May at Romania´s Black Sea coast. Some good birds for a western birdwatcher like Reed, Corn and Black-headed Bunting, Great Reed-Warbler, Barred Warbler and a flying Lesser Spotted Eagle could be seen. A big surprise was what you see on the pictures: a Long-eared Owl, Asio otus, staying in a bush,… Continue reading Long-eared Owl chased by a Magpie

New Bird Images in Picture Shop

Bird Lens is proud to show some excellent images of the birds shot from a hide in Hungary in December in the gallery of the pictures shop. The hide is located in the eastern part of Hungary in a superb old oak forest. The hide has a drinking pool in front of the window of… Continue reading New Bird Images in Picture Shop