Heath-moor landscape: spring awakening

WaldschnepfeDusk falls over the high moor. A burring sound is suddenly heard over the bulbs and pines. A Eurasian Woodcock (Scolopax rusticola)  is on its territorial flight. She can also be seen briefly. A little later, the long-eared owl (Asio otus) reports with its typical call from an oak stand. In spring, life awakens in the heather moor. Its feathered residents draw attention to themselves with conspicuous courtship rituals, and a short time later the frogs loudly herald their mating season. If the temperature continues to rise, countless insects buzz through the air. But the bird world also uses this space, which at first glance seems hostile to life. The Black Woodpecker (Dryocopus martius) makes its home in the pine forest areas of the heathland, and its drumbeat can be heard from afar in spring. I’ve had the good fortune to watch the black carpenter at work up close several times. A little later, a troop of Goldcrests (Regulus regulus) is making it way in a pine tree. The high calls accompany me for a while. Rare bird species such as the Woodlark (Lullula arborea) can be found in the open to semi-open areas. A flock of migrating Northern Lapwings (Vanellus vanellus) also rest here from time to time. Summer is the heyday of insects, whether dragonflies, butterflies, grasshoppers, bees or beetles. They form the majority of the animals found in the heath-moor landscape, so that macro photography is of crucial importance. The moorland habitat in Brandenburg – just 60 km south of Berlin – , with its special animal and plant species, is an Eldorado for nature photographers.

To cope with the growing demand for top shots of the rarer species of the Palearctic Bird-Lens is keen to enrich the range of pictures of birds you can find in the western palearctic.  Trips to remote places like this one to capture images not only of rare birds of western palearctic were very successful. The nice image of the blog is only a first impression, what you will find in the gallery in the “Picture Shop” very soon. Just give bird-lens.com a message, if bird-lens.com could serve you with an image needed before the new pictures are online.


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