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Birding around Berlin – Reckahner Teiche

KrickenteBerlin, the capital of Germany is a top tourist destination. Many airlines use the Airport of Berlin, but it is possible to take a flight to Frankfurt/ Main as well and drive with a rented car in roughly half a day. If you have spare time between two tourist attractions, are fed-up with the museum in crowdy downtown Berlin, have enjoyed nightlife extensively and are a birdwatcher, you might be interested to know, where you can find good places to enjoy fresh air and relax with birding for typical European birds. One of these sites Continue reading Birding around Berlin – Reckahner Teiche

Silberreiher tanzen im Morgennebel

Great EgretSilberreiher im Nebel sind ein tolles Motiv. Durch die weisse Farbe haben die Reiher im Morgennebel immer etwas mysthisches. Weiße Kreaturen werden in Mythen und Legenden gerne dazu benutzt, als Führer in eine andere Welt zu dienen. Weiße Hirsche, weiße Pferde und weiße Hasen sind wahrscheinlich die häufigsten Assoziationen für Magie  und werden gerne in die Verbindung mit Feen und anderen Zaubergestalten gebracht. Einen Reiher aus dem Nebel im ersten, dämmrigen Licht des frühen Morgens fliegen zu sehen, ist ein magisches Erlebnis. Das Gefieder des Silberreihers (Casmerodius albus)  hat ein brillantes, unberührtes Weiß. Sie wirken wie  Boten aus einer anderen Welt. Das langsame Schlagen ihrer Flügel hat seine ganz eigene Schönheit. Wenn sie geduldig wartend im seichten Wasser stehen, wirken sie geradezu majestätisch.

In der Natur gibt sehr wenige Dinge des rein Weißen. Nun gut, es gibt Milch und Schnee, und natürlich weiße Vögel. Lange mußte der Mensch mit Erdtönen leben, bevor uns der Fortschritt Bleichmittel und weiße Farbe brachte. Weiß in der natürlichen Umgebung war ungewöhnlich und daher umso faszinierender.

Es gab keine weißen Reiher in Deutschland, als ich ein Kind war. Überhaupt gab es sehr wenig Reiher. Reiher wurden bis in die 80iger Jahre als Fischräuber verfolgt. Der Name „Fischreiher“ für den Graureiher (Ardea cinerea) ist auch heute noch Continue reading Silberreiher tanzen im Morgennebel

Dancing Great Egret in morning fog

Egrets in fog are a great motif. By the white color , the herons have always something mystical in the morning mist. White creatures are often used in myths and legends to serve as leaders to a different world. White deer, white horses and white rabbits are probably the most common associations for magic and are often brought into connection with fairies and other magical figures. To see a heron flying out of the fog in the first dim light of the early morning is a magical experience. The plumage of the Great Egret (Casmerodius albus) has a brilliant, pristine white. They seem to act as messengers from world far away from daily business life. The slow wing-beat has a unique beauty. If they stand patiently on the hunt in the shallow water, they are looking very majestic.

Great EgretIn nature only very few things are of pure white. Well, there are milk and snow , and of course white birds. A long time human being had to live with earthy tones, before technical progress brought us bleach and white color. White in the natural environment was unusual and therefore all the more fascinating .

There was no white heron in Germany when I was a kid. In general, there were very little egrets or herons. Herons were followed up in the 80s as a fish predator. The name “Fischreiher” (fishing heron) for the Grey Heron (Ardea cinerea) can be found even today in zoological textbooks. The Great Egret (Casmerodius albus) has spread only in the last few decades in Germany. The population is on the rise in Germany for about twenty years. First as a winter visitor the first nest could be detected in 2012 in the north of Germany. The first definite breeding record for the egret in Germany involved two couples who had settled in a colony of Grey Herons. Egrets are not part of traditional fauna of the country. The people , therefore sometimes mess up identification with storks and cranes . Of course, the Herons do not dance – just as those shown in the gallery – nor does the Spoonbill (Platalea leucorodia) dance on the images but they do follow each other. For fun or to secure their feeding territory? Who knows?

The Great Egret is the heron with the largest geographical distribution. It is found on all continents except Continue reading Dancing Great Egret in morning fog

Birding around Frankfurt Airport – Wagbachniederung:

Purple HeronFrankfurt Airport (FRA) is the gateway to continental Europe. Many airlines use the Airport as a hub for connecting flights all over the world. If you are coming from Frankfurt Airport and heading down to the south for e.g. Munich or Stuttgart or the Black Forest, you might consider to squeeze in a morning of birding you might have a look at the wagbachniederung. Here you can walk, enjoy some fresh air and enjoy birding for typical european birds.

One of these sites is the best riparin woods 110 km south of Frankfurt, called The “Wagbachniederung” . This location is situated on the right bank of the Rhine at Waghaeusel southeast of Speyer between Mannheim and Karlsruhe. The Wagbachniederung was formerly a loop of the Rhine, which was separated from the main Continue reading Birding around Frankfurt Airport – Wagbachniederung: