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Red-throated Pipit: Fall migration along Egypts Rea Sea

RotkehlpieperHotel garden lawns along the Red Sea coast can be remarkable birdy. The sun has just appeared on the horizon for 3 hours. Nevertheless, it is already really hot. Coming from breakfast in a hotel complex on the Egyptian Red Sea, we walk first our inspection round. Here we see again the two Ruffs (Calidris pugnax) and also the one Spur-winged Plover (Vanellus spinosus) in the middle of the hotel area on the same lawn as 5 days ago. When we then run back to the free grassy areas, I think to realize, that in contrast to spring bird quantity is high but diversity is rather low. Except for the Yellow Wagtails (Motacilla flava), we have not seen any other birds on the grass. Especially no Pipit. That is just thought, as we see two passerine birds patterned with broad-stripes. They are Red-throated Pipits (Anthus cervinus). One of the birds still has a still a red throat. Great, I’ll have to go and scan it again. When I come back, both Red-throated Pipits are practically still present in the same area. The Yellow wagtails are of course in the majority. As I approach, they all fly up. Then I hide behind a lush bush and crawl on all fours behind the bushes. Eventually they are not more than 8 meters ahead of me. In contrast to the Yellow wagtails the Red-throated Pipits seem not be so keen to stay in the shade. They give great images despite the steep sunlight. One of the Continue reading Red-throated Pipit: Fall migration along Egypts Rea Sea

Schieferfalken am Roten Meer in Süd-Ägypten

SchieferfalkeEin Stoß aus dem blauen Abendhimmel. Braune Federn in der Luft. Der Zusammenstoß dauert nicht lange. Dann ist das Spektakel auch schon vorbei und der Falke in den niedrigen Mangroven verschwunden. Wieder hat ein ziehender Singvogel sein Leben ausgehaucht. Ein Schieferfalke (Falco concolor) hat wieder mal unweit seines Brutplatzes zugeschlagen.

Ein Ausflug zum Wadi el-Gemal Delta beginnt an einem „Parkplatz“. Bäume, Palmen, dichte Vegetation und sogar eine Info-Tafel. Hier hat man sich mal Mühe gegeben. Aber dann ist wohl das Geld ausgegangen. Schade, denn die Gegend hätte  mehr Aufmerksamkeit verdient. Aus einem Palmenhain scheuchen wir 5 Nachtreiher (Nycticorax nycticorax) auf. Wunderschön ist dann unser erster Schieferfalke herüber fliegend zu sehen. Es ist sehr windig und dabei trotzdem heiß. Am Strand, der erstaunlich steinig ist, treiben sich etliche Reiher herum. Es scheinen vor allem Continue reading Schieferfalken am Roten Meer in Süd-Ägypten

Pintail Snipe on a remote US-Island in the northern Pacific/ Alaska

SpiessbekassineGambell, a small village on the north-western tip of the remote St. Lawrence Island is an outstanding outpost not only for North American Birders. A short trip with only a few days with High Lonesome yielded all sorts of good birds, both Asian and North American origin.

During a 6-day trip guided by the tour operator High Lonesome a group of mainly US-birders was amazed by the impressive but regular bird migration along the shore of the island to the Bering Sea further north. An almost as important feature was the possibility to catch-up with maybe the best vagrants sightings of the spring 2016.

There had been some very good Asian species this spring. Far outstanding was the Pintail Snipe (Gallinago stenura), which was finally only identified by checking the images shot and discussing sighting and sound impressions in the group. First reviews from experts for ID-confirmations turned out to be positive.

The snipe was flushed at close distance in the so-called Far Boneyard, flew low and a very short distance on first flush and then flew farther and higher on second flush, always from dry ground, although bird flew high it circled back around, we were not able to flush it a third time the bird called once, not particularly sharp like Common/Wilson’s but also not particularly wheezy (fairly short and quiet call). The images of the bird show a coloration very Continue reading Pintail Snipe on a remote US-Island in the northern Pacific/ Alaska