South Luangwa Nationalpark/ Zambia

Eventually we are standing on the Luangwa Bridge. Crocodiles sunbathe on the other side of the river, baboons and impalas roam through the woods. The call of the African Fish Eagle (Haliaeetus vocifer) is the final proof. That’s Africa!, Luangwa Bridge offers already great photo opportunities. The Luangwa Bridge leads into the park. Immediately you… Continue reading South Luangwa Nationalpark/ Zambia

Nationalpark Pilanesberg: a heaven not only for Kingfishers

In the surrounding bushes of the Tidodi Dam there is  loud bustle already. In the gallery forest around, numerous birds such as the Grey-headed Kingfisher (Halcyon leucocephala) enjoy the first sun beams. Haze floats above the water. It is morning shortly after sunrise. The surrounding trees of the dam form a small gallery forest, which… Continue reading Nationalpark Pilanesberg: a heaven not only for Kingfishers

Vogelparadies im Krüger Nationalpark

Vögel im Krüger Nationalpark zu fotografieren bedeutet Herausforderung und Belohnung zugleich. Eben noch hat man in komfortabler Zivilisation beim Frühstück von der Veranda einer Lodge aus zwei Fitisse (Phylloscopus trochilus) und einen Grauschnäpper (Muscicapa striata) bewundert. Ein Kaptäubchen (Oena capensis) kam mal angeflogen und trank aus einer Pfütze. Ein besonders schöner Liest, wie die Eisvogelverwandte… Continue reading Vogelparadies im Krüger Nationalpark

Shalatayn – birding in the south-east corner of the WP

The main target of the trip was the Lappet-faced Vulture (Torgos tracheliotus). This uncommon resident breeder of the south-east corner of Egypt can be found sporadically from Gebel Elba down to the Somali border. The best place to see the species is at Bir Shalatayn. Here a dozen of these vultures can be seen feeding… Continue reading Shalatayn – birding in the south-east corner of the WP

African specialities on Bird-Lens

On the southern edge of the western palearctic, in Egypt, south of the Sahara, in southern North Africa are living some strange bird creatures which touch the borders of the western palearctic only. Sometimes they occur as a rare breeding species in countries like Morocco or Egypt or you can see them as a strangler… Continue reading African specialities on Bird-Lens