Birding in Chobe Nationalpark/ Botswana

In the first morning light a mokoro-boat splits the shallow waves of the early river. Silence lies over the wide river plain in the morning haze. The birding specials in the area around the Chobe River in the north of Botswana, characterized by flood plains, grasslands and riparian woods along the river courses, are real… Continue reading Birding in Chobe Nationalpark/ Botswana

South Luangwa Nationalpark/ Zambia

Eventually we are standing on the Luangwa Bridge. Crocodiles sunbathe on the other side of the river, baboons and impalas roam through the woods. The call of the African Fish Eagle (Haliaeetus vocifer) is the final proof. That’s Africa!, Luangwa Bridge offers already great photo opportunities. The Luangwa Bridge leads into the park. Immediately you… Continue reading South Luangwa Nationalpark/ Zambia

African skimmers in the Chobe Nationalpark/ Botswana

Morning haze lays over the wide river plain. Perched low on a Sandbank dozens of black and white colored birds with a strikingly long red bill are standing. These are the long-awaited African Skimmer (Rynchops flavirostris). When we’ve left the river bend for a while, the whole flock starts moving with a heavy, powerful wing… Continue reading African skimmers in the Chobe Nationalpark/ Botswana