Iberienzilpzalp auf Fuerteventura

Der Kontrast zwischen der Kühle des Morgens und der wüstenhaften Trockenheit des Geländes kann nicht größer sein. Wir befinden uns auf einem Morgenausflug zur Landenge von Jandia. Plötzlich steht ein kleiner, olivbrauner Singvogel auf einer Trockenpflanze. Es ist ein Iberienzilpzalp (Phylloscopus ibericus).  Der Iberienzilpzalp ist hauptsächlich auf der Iberischen Halbinsel in Spanien und Portugal beheimatet.… Continue reading Iberienzilpzalp auf Fuerteventura

Hoopoes on Fuerteventura

As the plane gained altitude and the rugged, steep cliffs of the Canary Island of La Palma disappeared more and more in the haze, I decided to come back. Was it the allure of warm semi-desert with cactus like their spurge, the rugged caldera in the northern part of the island, which had thrilled me… Continue reading Hoopoes on Fuerteventura

Cream-colored Courser with young in Morocco

Beginning of June might be regarded as already quite late to look for birds in the deserts of Boumalne du Dades (called Tagdilt), Morocco. But The Cream-colored Courser (Cursorius cursor) a bird of dry open country, preferably semi-desert is hatching the offspring at that time of the year. Thus a good chance to take images… Continue reading Cream-colored Courser with young in Morocco

Iberian Chiffchaff on Fuerteventura

Iberian Chiffchaff Phylloscopus ibericus (or P. brehmii  as it is called, too) is mainly found on the Iberian peninsula in Spain and Portugal but migrates to the south in fall. This chiffchaff is brighter, greener on the rump, and yellower below than Phylloscopus collybita. This species is a long-distance migrant, occurring every year on the… Continue reading Iberian Chiffchaff on Fuerteventura

Eurasian Hoopoe

On the 14th of Oktober 2011 I drove with the car to the isthmus of Jandía. We took the curvy road inside Costa Calma village up tot he sandy plain. Up on the highest point we crossed a hiking trail. The trail is marked with red-and-white posts. Here I saw not only Houbara Bustard, Black-bellied… Continue reading Eurasian Hoopoe