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Wigeons on park pond in wintering Brandenburg

PfeifenteOnly small areas of water right on the edge of the reed have remained open. It’s been cold for days, temperatures are around freezing point. Now a strong north wind has taken over. A small town pond not only popular with children and seniors as you can see from the beer bottles lying on the ice, is almost frozen in the gloomy winter light. When I have almost completed the lap around the pond, an inconspicuous duck is standing on the ice. The compact shape, a white belly and the bluish beak with the black tip are striking. It is a Eurasian Wigeon (Mareca penelope) or (Anas penelope). She is undecided as to whether she should stand next to the two Mallards (Anas platyrhynchos) on the ice, seek cover in the reeds with the Common Moorhens (Gallinula chloropus), or fly away. Eventually the bird decides to stay. Another Eurasian Wigeon comes in and lands sliding on the ice.

The couple had surely changed into the simple dress in the summer. The male wigeon is particularly noticeable. It has a rust-brown head with a light yellow parting. The head feathers can shimmer slightly green depending on the lighting situation. The chest is colored light pink while the coat and flanks have a fine gray pattern. The female’s plumage is much less conspicuous and resembles the plain dress Continue reading Wigeons on park pond in wintering Brandenburg

Common Moorhen at Ribeira do Ferreiro/ Fajã Grande

TeichhuhnThe general area of Fajã Grande has a great potential for Birdwatching. Die different habitats include lagoons, streams, woods, coastal areas, small pastures, agricultural fields and 1 little lake. This is a place of magnificent beauty. Take the parking spot on the road between 2 bridges and walk from the main road up to the lake.

By a pedestrian, partly steep path in good condition of less than 1 km you will come to the center of Ribeira do Ferreiro. Here is located a lake also called Lagoa dos Patos or Alagoinha. Numerous waterfalls are feeding a pond, used by ducks. This is also the place where you can observe the resident Common Moorhen (Gallinula chloropus) which is called the Galinha-d’água in portugues. Considered a subspecies endemic by some authors, it has been Continue reading Common Moorhen at Ribeira do Ferreiro/ Fajã Grande