Northern Gannets and other seabirds on Heligoland

A deafening screeching can be heard from afar. The colors shine in a unique soft pink on the horizon. The sun is obscured by light clouds. What a great light! We are standing on Lummenfelsen near the Northern Gannets (Morus bassanus). The conditions are beautiful. With a wonderfully diffuse light you could take pictures all… Continue reading Northern Gannets and other seabirds on Heligoland

Basstölpel auf Helgoland

Am Horizont erstrahlen in einem einzigartigen weichen Rosa die Farben. Die Sonne wird von leichten Wolken verdeckt. Was für ein tolles Licht! Wir stehen am Lummenfelsen bei den Basstölpeln (Morus bassanus). Die Bedingungen sind wunderschön. Bei einem wunderbar diffusen Licht könnte man so den ganzen Tag fotografieren. Als es dann anfängt zu regnen, gehen wir… Continue reading Basstölpel auf Helgoland

Heligoland and its Northern Gannets

A spectacular whitish bird almost effortless standing in the windy air on close distance. But also deafening screeching, biting fishy smell and occasionally a drop of bird droppings from the air. It is not a pure pleasure to photograph at the Heligoland bird cliffs. But you can exploit a unique approach in aerial photography –… Continue reading Heligoland and its Northern Gannets