Germany: the best birding sites

„Die 50 besten Vogelbeobachtungsplätze in Deutschland“.  The 50 best bird observation sites in Germany. Where to observe birds in free nature? The answer to that question is delivered by a “Falke-Sonderband“. This release leads reliably to the best observation places in Germany. The text is written in german but the coordinates for each location speak for themselves. The booklet is full of nice images. One pictures is showing the Eurasian River Warbler of the author of this blog, which has been already commented in a previous blog. At the beginning of the booklet a geographical map points all 50 bird observation places and you can see, which „Hot spot “ is located for example in the proximity of your apartment or your hotel. The one, who is keen to observe a target bird can informed himself with a list of observation places to 240 species of birds. A short description of the relevant observation areas contain the following data: habitats, specialities in birds, travel time, observation possibilities, data for the journey, addresses for tourism information/nature protection centers and registration offices for special observation results. The authors of the birding guide show partners (with telephone, email, Internet), too. They deliver route proposals and provide recommodations for convenient overnight accomodations. General maps of the observation area show in the detail, where what is to be found. An overview to „the typical “species of bird, whose status and the best observation time complete the site description. A list of the scientific bird names and their german counterparts completes this practical booklet for every birder who is visiting Germany.

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Die Falke-Redaktion

Die 50 besten Vogelbeobachtungsplätze in Deutschland

1. Auflage 2011. 192 S., 50 Tab., durchg. farb. Abb., kt.,

€ 19,95

ISBN 978-3-89104-746-0

Best. Nr. 315-01120

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