Nearctic specialities on Bird-Lens

Each year, especially in fall, there is a high influx of birds from Northern American. Just have a look at the EUROTWITCH-BIRDLINE with rare bird alerts for Europe and Western Palaearctic under The birdline managed by our friend on the islands to the west of the continent is full with top birding observations as – e.g. ROSS’S SNOW GEESE, SMALL CANADA GOOSE, AMERICAN WIGEONS, BLUE-WINGED TEALS, LESSER SCAUPS, SURF SCOTERS or BUFFLEHEADS.
To cope with the growing demand for top shots of Nearctic birds from customers of the eastern side of the Atlantic ocean, too, Bird-Lens is proud to present a wide range of pictures shot in California, Arizona, New Mexico, Mexico and Florida. Are you interested? A first impression you will find in the gallery of Nearctic birds here. There you will finde 450+ Pictures of various bird species often in different plumages. An update of the image stock in the “Pictures Shop” is coming very soon. Just give me a message, if I could serve you with a request before the pictures are online.
Other successful shootings you can see under:

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