Mecklenburg´s Switzerland: a true paradise for woodpeckers too

KleinspechtThe high drum rolls gave the early morning a special sound. The imitation of the drum quickly brought the author to the observation tower. It was a male Lesser Spotted Woodpecker (Dendrocopos minor). I was able to photograph him very nicely here.

My journey to Mecklenburg Switzerland began well before dusk. The drive through the picturesque landscape was characterized by a spring-like atmosphere. My first stop took me to Lake Kummerow, which is located between Malchin, Dargun and Demmin. The lake is flowed through by the Peene. The Kummerower See is one of the numerous lakes in the region. Here I had the opportunity to study waterbirds in their natural habitat. I was able to observe a variety of duck species on the banks

A trip to Mecklenburg Switzerland is worthwhile at any time of the year. Water level fluctuations in the Kummerower See from Peene, and even from the Oder, the Szczecin Lagoon and the Pomeranian Bay influence the water level of the lake. To the northwest of the lake is the Neukaldener Moorwiesen nature reserve with the Große Rosin polder. The area is accessed by the approximately 3 km long Kützerhofer Damm, which connects Aalbude with the town of Kützerhof. Not least because of the limited load capacity of the dam due to the boggy ground, it is generally closed to motor vehicle traffic. But – at least if the weather is good – the route can also be easily covered on foot.

From the observation tower near the Aalbude and the two observation platforms located on the dam to the Aalbude, you have a wide view over this extensive water landscape. Birds can be observed at any time of the year: many Northern Shovelers (Anas clypeata) swim in the shallow water, wading birds inspect the mud for food.

The car park at the exit from Kützerhof towards Aalbude is a good starting point for a hike into the area. Between Dargun and Neukalen the road turns to Klützerhof. Follow the signs “Aalbude” through Klützerhof. Shortly behind Kützerhof there is a marked parking space on the side of the road. The parking spaces directly in Aalbude belong to the restaurant there and are therefore not accessible.

The Großer Rosin is located on the northern edge of Mecklenburg Switzerland. With its idyllic lakes, extensive forests and picturesque landscapes, this region in northern Germany offers a variety of habitats for an impressive variety of bird species.

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