Goshawk in the nest

HabichtAfter a thunderstorm, the wind has died down, and the morning rays of the sun shine through the tops of the Pine trees (Pinus sylvestris). Nothing seems to be happening in the nest of the Northern Goshawk (Accipiter gentilis), which was occupied 2 years ago. But suddenly something white moves, something shaggy. The white something then stands out clearly from the grey-brown edge of the nest, wing tips move and finally a hind part can be clearly seen, which drops a splatter of droppings over the edge of the nest in a skillful stream. As quickly as the young Northern Goshawk emerged from the nest, it disappeared back into the hollow.

The monotonous pine forest with Scots pine, some European Larch (Larix decidua) and one or the other deciduous tree such as the English Oak (Quercus robur) in southern Brandenburg is once again home to a Northern Goshawk family this year.

When the young are a certain size, the female Northern Goshawk does not sit in the nest itself most of the time but somewhere nearby and lets the young do as they please in and around the nest. Although Berlin is better known as the stronghold for Northern Goshawk in Germany, Northern Goshawk can also be found in the vast landscape of southern Brandenburg. However, while a number of observations of breeding pairs from the Berlin districts are reported in spring, the reports of Goshawks in Brandenburg are much more sparse. But this year I also came across plucking near my home town by searching in the spring and thus probably a pair ready to breed. Practically at the same place where 3 young Northern Goshawks with mother could be sighted 2 years ago for several weeks. Nice to see you’re back.

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