Lesser Yellowlegs near Callantsoog/ Noord Holland – NL

Kleiner GelbschenkelRight now, it is possible to see a rare Tringa-wader in a Nature reserve at the coast of Noord Holland between Den Helder and Callantsoog. An adult Lesser Yellowlegs (Tringa flavipes) can be observed north of Callantsoog in the newly established nature reserve “The Nollen van Abbestede”. After a report two days ago it could be observed this afternoon by parking the car along a dirt track on a in nature reserve near the sandy coast and dunes only 200m away from the first observation.

The older report came from the wetland right on the N 502, the Duinweg. The first efforts to twitch the bird the next morning were fruitless. As I saw on the internet this afternoon the Lesser Yellowlegs had been seen again – until 5:00 pm – in the wetland Nollen van Abbestede I rushed for the site again. This time, the coordinates were N 52,851, E 4,707. The pin point pointed to a location right next to the road. The pictures showed an adult bird in summer plumage next to a Ruff (Calidris pugnax). I asked myself: is it still on the same site?

Right after dinner at the most beautiful evening light at 7:30 pm we set off. There are only 8 km distance. We need not look far. Other cars are already on the side road. Yes, exactly, the Lesser Yellowlegs was there. Pretty close. I’m doing some proof pictures, turn the car – and since he’s gone. But only up to the curve of the road. Now the bird is only 10m beside the road. The Yellowlegs runs right in front of us. So close, I think I did not even photographed the bird in South America.

Suddenly an Eurasian Sparrowhawk (Accipiter nisus) was circling over the wetlands and fields. All the ducks and most waders depart – unfortunately the Lesser Yellowlegs, too. While the ducks came back after a while and the Avocet not even stopped to look for food, the Yellowlegs will not come back until about 9 pm.

The Lesser Yellowlegs is a mega for Germany. But in The Netherlands this wader occurs on a more regular frequency. At the Lauwersmeer near Ezumakeeg a bird was observed from the 1st of June (at least from the 8th of June) until the June 22nd 2014, too. Maybe the same individual, as the plumage description fits in both cases. Before, one sighting of a Lesser Yellowlegs was reported from Den Oever – Schor in Noord-Holland on the May 7th 2014. If you are also interested to see this Palearctic rarity, you should not hesitate to go there. During my visit, I saw already German and Dutch birders. In the morning of the 1st of July, the bird was still present almost on the same spot. Patience and luck are needed – of course.

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