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Albinotic Chaffinch at winter feeder in Lower Saxonia

ChaffinchDuring a visit to a hide in front of a winter feeding station near the small town of Salzhemmendorf some 40 km south of Hanover in Lower Saxony, I was lucky enough to see a leucistic male Common Chaffinch (Fringilla coelebs) and I could shot some photos of the bird. That was on January 30th 2014. I saw this unusual Common Chaffinch along with some of his conspecifics ​​and some Bramblings (Fringilla montifringilla). The regular bunch of birds at a winter feeder as Tits, Nuthatches, Blackbirds were present, too. The male Common Chaffinch with the interesting color distribution seemed to be a bit more shy than the other birds at the winter feeding . But he was neither bullied Continue reading Albinotic Chaffinch at winter feeder in Lower Saxonia

Zugvogeltage inform about natural wonders on the coast

Common ShelduckWith the Zugvogeltage – the “Migratory days” – the Nationalpark Niedersaechsisches Wattenmeer (the National Park Wadden Sea of Lower Saxony) will inform visitors of the Coast of the Northern Sea about this unique natural spectacle this year. More than 200 events will be held for nine days from October 5th on. This was a spokesman of the National Park announced on Tuesday. The program also includes walks on the mudflats and boat tours. Twice a year, millions of migrating birds rest on the North Sea coast in the Wadden Sea. Many of the long-distance flyers aircraft breed in the Arctic and winter in Africa.

With this offer, National Park Service, wants to inform the public of the great spectacle of bird migration and explain why the Wadden Sea is international indispensable and worthy of protection. The Zugvogeltage take place in cooperation with the National Park houses and centers and many other supporters. For each and everyone there will be something interesting – whether with ornithological prior knowledge and spotting scope or completely inexperienced, but curious, big or small, with or without family. You can pick and choose individual events or you can make a whole week on the coast in East Friesland or on one of the island in the national park.

More information you will find under: www.zugvogeltage.de.

There are perfect sites for birding on almost the whole coast. Facilities include hides and observation towers. Sometimes access is a bit tricky. Please contact via the contact form if I can give further directions or even guide you!