Lesser Spotted Eagle in Brandenburg

SchreiadlerScientific research on the Lesser Spotted Eagle (Clanga pomarina) shows the facts. A good occurrence of the Lesser Spotted Eagle is mainly in the Randow-Welse lowland in Brandenburg or in or around the Feldberger Seenlandschaft. The exact locations of nest are top secret. But in the Randow-Welse lowland it might be possible to observe a Lesser Spotted Eagle hunting. Germany’s smallest eagle hunts not only from above in the air. He also likes to walk. In the grass of green meadows he keeps a lookout for Grass Snakes (Natrix natrix) and other small animals.

But already, if a loud word escapes, the bird takes flight. Lesser Spotted Eagles are so sensitive that they should be left in peace. Only a few areas in northeastern Germany still offer these shy birds the peace and tranquillity they need. Where the call of the Lesser Spotted Eagle is heard, it is always a particularly tranquil spot on earth. For only in such a place does the shy bird stay.

Valuable forest islands with old beech, oak and pedunculate oak trees are important. The chocolate-brown bird of prey hides its nest in their lush crowns. The most important thing is that the woods are surrounded by wet meadows. Because old forest for breeding and open, food-rich meadows for hunting are crucial. Only this rare combination makes a landscape a suitable habitat for Lesser Spotted Eagles. To protect the endangered animals from disturbances and to prevent the forest from being cut down or the land from falling into the hands of speculators, conservationists buy forest so that the eagle has room to breed and meadows to hunt. Many areas have already come under the care of conservation organizations. Wetlands are also important and should be protected.

If tranquillity – especially during breeding – is essential for the Lesser Spotted Eagle, the ambitious nature photographer can still try taking pictures of Lesser Spotted Eagles in Germany. One tour provider is Ranger Tours in southern Mecklenburg. At food ponds like the one managed by Ranger Tours near Feldberg, amphibians and insects not only settle quickly in a natural way. Also a pair of Lesser Spotted Eagles, which is breeding somewhere in the area, is a regular guest and can be photographed from a photo blind.

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