Pulli – young birds on Northern Sea Coast

SturmmöweSpending the yearly vacation this time in the Netherlands, it was possible to look for birds as well. Besides an observation of an adult Lesser Yellowlegs (Tringa flavipes) north of Callantsoog in the newly established nature reserve “The Nollen van Abbestede”,  I could see a lot of young birds – the so-called pulli – of various birds on the sea shore.

Identification of Pulli – young birds in general – not only on the coast of the Northern Sea – is not an easy task. Sometimes you are lucky with the „Handbuch der Voegel Mitteleuropas“, by Urs N. Glutz von Blotzheim. For waders some useful information you will find in “Strand- und Sumpfvögel Europas – Einschließlich Nordafrika und des Nahen Ostens”by Wolfgang Makatsch. Some nice information with images of clutches, locking jaws, dune-plumage, some photos of the nursery of the birds you will find in “Vogelnester : nach Farbfotos erkannt” in the selection  Sauers Naturführer by Dr. Frieder Sauer. Besides that, there are little comprehensible images even of the common birds – from the Common Shelduck (Tadorna tadorna) to the Meadow Pipit (Anthus pratensis) – in before-juvenile plumage. The blog and the pictures try to close the cap a little bit. The images shown in the gallery serve to become a little more familiar with the plumage of some birds which are very common birds on the coast.

While looking for information on birding in Holland, you probably will come across www. http://waarneming.nl/ and www.birdingholland.com, a website for guided birding in the Netherlands. Very helpful is the website http://vogelkijkhut.nl although not all sites – especially the newly created ones – are described.

In order to meet the growing demand for top images of the rarer species of Palaearctic Bird-lens.com has specifically made ​​trips to remote places like the coastal mountains of western Norway, in the winter to a secluded harbor in Denmark, or – in that case – to the dunes of The Netherlands. This to do everything to ensure excellent photos of the Birds of the Western Palearctic . The yield of pictures also of rare Western Palaearctic birds is very good. The beautiful pictures that you see in the callery are just first impressions of what you will find behind the tab “Picture- Store” very soon. Just give a notice if you need a picture of a bird before the new images are online.

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