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Migration of Red-footed Falcon along Alpine foothills

RotfußfalkeIn the last days of May 2015, a remarkable presence of Red-footed Falcon (Falco vespertinus) was reported from southern Baden-Wuerttemberg and Bavaria. Red-footed Falcons are a thrilling sight – not only for Western Europe. Therefore it is advisable to prepare for a seasonal pattern of occurrence by knowing migration routes, behavior and history of vagrant sightings.

These bird breeds from Eastern Europe to Mongolia. Its journey to and from its South African wintering grounds routinely leads it across the Mediterranean. This migratory behavior make it a regular vagrancy, not least in spring when they are significantly travelling further west from Africa back into the Eastern European breeding areas.

At least this was true in 2015, where at least Switzerland, Baden-Wuerttemberg and Bavaria showed a strong presence of Red-footed Falcon But already north of the Danube it occurred only occasionally. But not only these areas in Continue reading Migration of Red-footed Falcon along Alpine foothills

A day for birders in the Black Forest, Euro BirdWatch in South-west Germany

Scopes & BirdersThe pan-european “Euro BirdWatch” major event will perform this year for the 20th times. As in Switzerland the migratory birds on their way south are observed on this weekend of 5/6 October 2013 at the invitation of BirdLife International in 33 European and Central Asian countries. On Sunday, 6th October the “Euro BirdWatch” is organized by the Naturschutzbund (Nature Conservation) called NABU, local chapter of Waldshut-Tiengen together with the Nature Conservation Buchsertal from Switzerland with an information stand on the peak of the Wannenberg above Bergöschingen and Reutehof in the immediate vicinity of the radio transmission tower. With an altitude of roughly 630 meters above the sea (asl) excellent observations of migrating birds are possible. If the weather is right. Over the past 20 years at least there could be seen up to 28,000 migratory birds in one day.

Below the Wannenberg there is an orientation panel for bird migration with many interesting information on this topic. BirdLife International is the coordinating these events.

The objectives of this Event are to provide information on bird migration and global contexts, sensitize visitors to the responsibility in this area and generating interest as well as to enjoy watching this natural spectacle. Maybe it give a kick-off for new conservation projects thereon.