Arctic Terns, globetrotters of the planet

The Arctic Tern (Sterna paradisaea) is a real globetrotter. She is graceful in flight and downright dainty. This makes their worldwide occurrence all the more amazing. The birds breed around the Arctic Ocean to the northern tip of Greenland at almost 84°N and still comes regularly to breed on the North Sea coast at 54°N.… Continue reading Arctic Terns, globetrotters of the planet

Seabird Photography

An Albatross sailing the seas, an agile Petrel, a dynamic Shearwater. These are real challenges. Bird photographing in general is quite a difficult task. Add in a rocking, heaving boat, crowds of people, salt spray and fast moving agile targets and you have a most challenging undertaking. For certain digital photography has not revolutionized bird… Continue reading Seabird Photography