Grey Partridges under attack

2 Grey Partridges (Perdix perdix), male and female, let themselves be lured to the mowed meadow by the calls of a rival. They are very open. Suddenly, they haven’t been that open for a minute, a Common Buzzard (Buteo buteo) comes flying low. The Grey Partridges immediately take off in a brilliant flight for cover. The rust-red tail is nice to see, it supports the agility, as you can see. The Common Buzzard doesn’t stand a chance, although it shakes over a dead willow; probably the “hiding place” of the partridges. A Black-billed Magpie (Pica pica) feels addressed and vehemently attacks the bird of prey with daring flight manoeuvres. Finally the Common Buzzard makes a circle and comes flying straight towards the photographer in his hiding place. What an experience. The photos were taken with a Canon EF 400mm f/2.8 IS II USM lens in combination with a 1.4x converter on a Canon EOS R 5. The powerful autofocus and tolerably short exposure times and a sure eye were necessary for this photographic moment. Unfortunately, I couldn’t get a better picture of the buzzard chasing the Grey Partridges. I should have switched to the electronic shutter beforehand. Yes, that’s bad luck.

However, the Grey Partridge pair is not particularly wary. After a quarter of an hour, both reappear, stand in the middle of the meadow and try to impress the rival with the characteristic, croaking, rattling calls. They don’t even let themselves be impressed by a European Hare (Lepus europaeus), also known as the Brown Hare, hopping by a short distance away.

To cope with the growing demand for top shots of the rarer species of the Palearctic Bird-Lens is keen to enrich the range of pictures of birds you can find in the western palearctic.  Excursions also to common sites like this one to capture images not only of rare birds of western palearctic were very successful. The nice image of the blog is only a first impression, what you will find in the gallery in the “Picture Shop” very soon. Just give a message, if could serve you with an image needed before the new pictures are online.

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