Bird paradise at Lions Bluff Lodge/ Kenya

Weißbrauen-HeckensängerThick clouds and fog are hanging over the plain. The sun have just risen over the horizon – but on the other side of the hill. Twilight disappears fast. Just great. We sit down on the porch and enjoy the morning with a cup of coffee. The first calls are immediately to hear.

An Impala grazes the short grass.

The Lions Bluff Lodge is exclusively located on Mwashoti Mountain in the approximately 50,000 hectare private Lumo Game Reserve on a hill just at the western side of Tsavo National Park.

A great view of the misty valley, the plain, in front of us is provided while sitting on our verandah in front of the traditionally-built banda. But our attention is driven more to the birds. Despite the sparse and short vegetation along the slope, excellent birds – both in quantity and quality were around.


At the breakfast table, we were already expected.  Facing the “right” direction, you can enjoy Africa’s incredible sunrise right from a veranda with your table. Let go ready to a game drive. We then start our breakfast, which is delicious, especially the fruit is something right. From the breakfast table we can look directly into the bushes. I let the feeder fill and can directly attract Northern White-Crowned Shrike or White-rumped Shrike (Eurocephalus rueppelli) with it. Meanwhile, a White-Browed Scrub-Robin or Red-backed Scrub-Robin (Cercotrichas leucophrys) is roaming through the spiny bushes. A Red-billed Hornbill (Tockus erythrorhynchus) also arrives and can be photographed from nearbey. A flock of Red-billed Buffalo-Weaver (Bubalornis niger) is also not far and is roaming the dry grass crumbles fallen down.


Birds in this impressive lodge exceeded our imagination and even were beyond our expectations. A top photographers destination. But also wildlife photographers simply put the cameras aside and just enjoy the uniqueness of the endless expanse.

Staying at Lions Bluff Lodge means catching safari fever in a small, unique lodge made from sustainable timber and traditional coconut palm leaves. Enjoying the sundowner on an open terrace with a view of Kilimanjaro and feeling the vastness of Kenya.

The restaurant is open on the sides, from here you can enjoy a wonderful view over the wide savannas. All of the fresh produce that goes with the delicious food comes from local farms and farmers, which is an important part of the Lumo Wildlife Refuge’s sustainability philosophy.

The lodge is easily reachable from both Mombasa and Nairobi. Lions Bluff Lodge is a small exclusive lodge which clings to the edge of a bluff suspended above Lumo Community Wildlife Sanctuary which lies at the heart of the Tsavo eco system,


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