High-spirited Eurasian Eagle-Owls rumble on houses roofs

UhuThe family of Eagle-Owls (Bubo bubo) on the Hundertwasserhaus in Bad Soden is still very active. The 3 youngs have now moved their focus of activity to the slope opposite to the breeding tower, the so-called Dachberg. Not always to the delight of neighbors they change from the canopy of the trees sometimes on the rooftops and jump on the gables of the roofs of the houses around. Doing this, they call something sinister. Some of the neighbors might have thought of invading burglars. As you can see from the images of the young owls in the gallery, all three siblings are doing well and continue to hang around together. This morning ​​at dawn the youngest of the Eagle-Owls introduced himself with a loud rumble. The two older siblings were easy to find afterwards. First on the power lines of the houses or just on the roofs of the houses along the slope. With the sun rising, they move their interest more and more on the overhanging branches of the thick oak in the lower part of the small forest of the Dachberg.

The mother of the high-spirited youngs stood on the edge of the Hundertwasserhaus in the meanwhile. On the tower of the Hundertwasserhaus had been the breeding ground. She seemed quite happy with her ​​3 kids. They behaved well just right.

As reported in previous blogs, the owls have been known to an interested public since the middle of April 2014. The days when you can see the owls in the vicinity of the Dachbergstraße near the Hundertwasserhaus, are probably numbered. To check the previous blog gives a few pointers – especially how to access. Bad Soden is located on the southern slope of the Taunus mountains, 15 km north- west of Frankfurt and 20 kilometers northeast of Wiesbaden.

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