Bluethroat in willow bush

BlaukehlchenThe first Bluethroats (Luscinia svecica) were recorded in northern Germany. One location seemed to be a particularly reliable location. The journey wasn’t that far either. But first I stood with a few other observers and saw: Nothing! But after just 20 minutes of waiting, a colleague murmured from the left: “There it is.” The bird had emerged from the dead reeds directly in front of me.

The Bluethroat spent several minutes moving around and foraging for food in the grass next to the track, where the first insects of the year must have crawled. As in other places, I was impressed by the size of this robin-like passerine and also by the way it constantly bobbed its tail. From time to time he seemed to just stand there, looking back at the line of observers, all so fascinated by him.

Finally, rather flirtatiously, the Bluethroat jumped back into the reeds from which it had come. Standing in a wet place with a bird at such close range always seems a bit contrived to me. However, it is unlikely that I will get better images of this rather common but significantly less seen species later in the year.

Winter is almost over now and I’m looking forward to the new arrivals from their winter quarters.

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