Lumo Reserve; a paradise in eastern Africa

ZwergspintThe breathtaking panoramic view over the golden-green savannah between Tsavo East and Tsavo West, the North-South Pare Mountains and the Taiga Hills will stay with us forever. But the small “gifts” right along the way are also a miracle. Thus you can soon see the first Little Bee-eaters (Merops pusillus cyanostictus). Here you can really get infected with the famous Africa virus.

Protected by this nature, there is a unique ecosystem and it is one of the oldest migratory corridors for elephants in Africa. When you sit on one of the kopjes and the elephant families pass under you, you know that you have arrived, arrived in one of the most beautiful landscapes in the world. How lucky to be able to enjoy this.

The reserve was established to protect the unique ecosystem of three community-run farms in the area. They made 400 km² of their land available for nature conservation. For the not inconsiderable entrance fees, visitors get a good conscience included. In the reserve, the income from the overnight stays, including those from the community-owned Lions Bluff Lodge, flow back completely into the village communities. At the same time, the employees at Lions Bluff Lodge come from the surrounding communities of the Lumo Reservation. This finances nature conservation and projects for the surrounding villagers from the Maasai people. I think that’s a good approach!

You can book activities such as a safari, bush hikes, bird hikes or night drives directly at the Lions Bluff Lodge. At the latest when you meet the famous Tsavo lions on safari, which today are the descendants of a famous pair of lions, you will feel the magic of Africa.

We had the privilege of staying at Lions Bluff Lodge for a few nights. The lodge is exclusively located on Mwashoti Mountain in the 120,000 acre private Lumo Wildlife Refuge on a ridge. Only twelve traditionally built bandas with their own verandas form the core of the accommodation.

I’ve been able to visit quite a few accommodations in Kenya, but there are only a few with so much magic and uniqueness. Where you can still experience Kenya so originally and at the same time feel and experience this actual vastness of Africa so intensely.

Birds and animals in this impressive lodge exceeded our imagination and even were beyond our expectations. A top photographers destination. But also wildlife photographers simply put the cameras aside and just enjoy the uniqueness of the endless expanse.

Staying at Lions Bluff Lodge means catching safari fever in a small, unique lodge made from sustainable timber and traditional coconut palm leaves. Enjoy the sundowner on an open terrace with a view of Kilimanjaro!

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