Complicated courtships of Bird-of-paradise

The appearance of the bird of paradise species is very different. Some of them have complicated courtship rituals that usually take place in good weather. The males of the Greater Bird-of-paradise (Paradisaea apoda) display e.g. in the early morning and shortly before sunset in groups in the canopy of the trees, often at a height… Continue reading Complicated courtships of Bird-of-paradise

Blue Bird-of-paradise near Ambua Lodge/ Papua-New Guinea

At 5:00 a.m. the night in the Ambua Lodge, a luxurious mountain hotel, is over. Today a trip around Ambua Lodge in the Southern Highlands is announced. After breakfast we start driving. It is still quite dark, but it does not rain. The target species of our morning observations are the Blue Bird-of-paradise (Paradisornis rudolphi)… Continue reading Blue Bird-of-paradise near Ambua Lodge/ Papua-New Guinea

Blauparadiesvogel im Bergland des Tari

Heute ist ein Ausflug im Umfeld der Ambua Lodge in den Southern Highlands angesagt. Nach dem Frühstück fahren wir los. Es ist noch ziemlich dunkel, aber kein Regen. Die Zielarten unserer vormittäglichen Beobachtungen sollen der Blauparadiesvogel (Paradisornis rudolphi) und der Kragenparadiesvogel (Lophorina superba) sein. Unser Guide, Benson, treibt uns zur Eile. Nach kurzer Fahrt, Stopp… Continue reading Blauparadiesvogel im Bergland des Tari