Bird migration as a research object

KranichBird migration is a constant research object and there are always new findings. Although birds know neither a map nor a calendar, they know exactly when and where to fly. Their innate instinct shows them the way. At night they orientate themselves by the starry sky, during the day by the position of the sun and the landscape. They prefer to avoid large mountains and bodies of water. To do this, they follow river courses or sea coasts.

In Addition, scientists discovered a kind of internal compass that allows birds to perceive the angle of inclination of the earth’s magnetic field. The animals make use of the different angles of incidence of the magnetic field lines. They are able to determine the angle of inclination of the magnetic field lines relative to the earth’s surface. In this way, migratory birds can distinguish whether they are moving towards the poles or towards the equator.

The fact that migratory bird species do not remain in the south all year round is partly due to competition in the winter quarters. Bird species that live there year-round are rivals when it comes to foraging. On the other hand, the breeding areas of migratory birds, which are snow-covered in winter, are extremely productive in summer, since they are very spacious and the sun has the necessary intensity for high food productivity for much longer at higher latitudes; be it in the growth of insects or plant growth. There are therefore good reasons why migratory birds keep making their way north as soon as food is available there again.

To meet the growing demand for top-of-the-line images of the rarer Palaearctic species, strives to expand the range of images of Western Palaearctic birds. Keeping your eyes open in the immediate vicinity is always crowned with beautiful impressions and some rare observations. The blog’s nice picture is just a first impression, which you can find in the gallery in the “Picture Shop” very soon. Please leave a message if can provide a picture.

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