Special Birds in Nationalpark Biogradska Gora: White-throated Dipper

WasseramselA beautiful mountain stream in the Biogradska Gora National Park in eastern Montenegro. A rest on a bridge. A few minutes later we see a black bird with a white bib comes flying over the shallow but wide mountain stream. A White-throated Dipper (Cinclus cinclus) takes a seat on a fallen tree trunk. She diligently collects insects. The photos show the preferred food consisting mainly of small animals living in the water such as caddis fly larvae, amphipods or snails.

After a while – when she registered us – she only flies along the creek. The flight call is a short and piercing “zrits”. She seems to have a nest under the wooden structure of the bridge.


When searching for food, White-throated Dippers prefer to fly to exposed places such as stones protruding from the water. Fast-flowing, clear and clean streams have become rare due to increasing landscape changes and environmental pollution in our latitudes, but are still widespread in the higher areas of Montenegro. The way of life of the bird is so unique that the bird occupies a special position among the songbirds native to us. Characteristic of the starling-sized White-throated Dipper is a short-tailed, clumsy, dark-brown body with a white throat and breast flap. The main food for the White-throated Dippers that stay with us all year round are aquatic insects, especially mayflies and caddis flies (Trichoptera)


The water splashes down from the mountains, not very spectacularly. Finally a river in Montenegro that isn’t littered with plastic scraps. A breakfast break with the pancakes we bought yesterday at dinner rounds off the mood. We sit down next to the bridge that leads over the tributary to the lake. From here you are halfway around the well-known lake in Biogradska Gora; from here it is another 1.7 km to the NP info.


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