Preuss’s Weaver creeping on giant primeval forest tree

PreussweberIn the steaming lowland rainforest of Ghana we are standing since dawn up to 45 meters above ground on the so-called Canopy Walkway since dawn. Despite the height of the jungle giant, we are not standing in the canopy. No wonder the tree on which our platform is mounted can be a resource of food in every respect and any altitude. The gaze must always be directed upwards and downwards. A yellow flashing makes us look up. A small yellow-black goblin quickly and purposefully examines the thick side branch of the tree. Once it runs on the light bark, then again the mossy bottom is inspected. It is a rather small weaver bird, but it can score with its intense colors. It is a Preuss’s Weaver (Ploceus preussi). The yield in foraging can be seen on one of the images. It consists mainly of insects, such as grasshopper (Orthoptera) butterflies (Lepidoptera). In the documented case – see the gallery of Preuss´s Weaver – the bird fed from spiders (Araneae).

The Preuss’s Weaver examines the bark of tree trunks in the rainforest of Guinea via Ghana, Cameroon to the Congo. It examines the smooth bark as well as branches that are covered with epiphytes. The foraging should probably take place less than 10 m in height. It is said, that they are foraging usually in pairs. But we did not see single individuals.

The photographed Preuss’s Weaver – sometimes referred to as Golden-backed Weaver – is a male who is recognizable by his orange-brown head. The female, however, has a black forehead and an orange-brown or yellow crown. The back is golden yellow with several black feathers in the middle. The rump is intense yellow and the wings and tail are black. The iris is brown or dark reddish-brown.

The photos were taken in Kakum National Park in central Ghana. This park is one of the most famous national parks in Ghana. The park is located north of Cape Coast and Elmina near the town of Abrafo and is therefore quite well developed on a partly bad road. From Elmina you should calculate about 1.5 hours driving time. Almost the entire park area is covered by tropical rainforest. A special feature of the Kakum National Park is the unique Canopy Walkway – a trail in mid-level height between trees. There are suspension bridges between the jungle giants. On the Canopy Walkway at a height of up to 45 meters, the birdwatchers can take a closer look at the birds in an otherwise inaccessible habitat. The Canopy Walkway consists of seven bridges made of wood, ropes and metal frames and extends over a length of 330 meters.

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To cope with the growing demand for top shots of the rarer species of the Palearctic Bird-Lens is keen to enrich the range of pictures of birds not only in the western Palearctic. Trips to remote places like this one to capture images were very successful. The nice image of the blog is only a first impression, what you will find in the gallery in the “Picture Shop” very soon. Just give a message, if could serve you with an image needed before the new pictures are online.

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