Greater Spotted Eagle on Northern Sea coast of Germany

Schelladler,Today a Greater Spotted Eagle (Clanga clanga) has been recorded again near the mouth of the river Eider in Schleswig-Holstein.  The Eagle strays around in the so-called Moetjenpolder with the nearest village Hemme not far away. The bird was seen in the Moetjenpolder by a photographer who took images more by accident. Some observations could be made from the observation tower “Rehmer Moor2m which is east of the village of Rehm. The eagles is cruising from to time to time of the Lundener Niederung. The ealge was observed the first time on march 11th 2015. Sometimes it is flying not far from the observation tower, but it is also resting for prolonged periods in the reed of the area.

The area is only 15km away from the next bigger city, Heide, which is approachable also by train via Hamburg. The time needed to reach Heide Bf from Hamburg HBF will be one and a half hours.

To cope with the growing demand for top shots of the rarer species of the Palearctic Bird-Lens is keen to enrich the range of pictures of birds you can find in the western palearctic.  This image is only a first impression, what you will find in the gallery in the “Picture Shop” (   ) very soon. Just give a message, if Bird-Lens could serve you with an image needed before the new pictures are online.

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