World Shorebirds Day

The World Shorebirds Day is anounced for September, 6th 2014.  Shorebirds Unite Us | World Shorebirds Day. The International Shorebird Counts will be held as a part of the event series of the World Shorebirds Day. We’d be thrilled if lots of birders would support this idea and would join this global event, supported by eBird.

Please help us to make it a worldwide event. More details can be found in the on the Website of the Worldshorebirdsday.

Certainly a very useful event.  And: You can participate, too. Don’t hesitate to add your dot on the event map.

What do you need to do to have your name in the hat? Here are the steps:

  1. Visit the official Google Map of the World Shorebirds Day, and add your location (place a marker and name it with the name of the location) where you plan to go out counting shorebirds. One location is one entry to the draw. The more sites you can visit on a day, the more times your name will be added. (In case, having difficulties adding the marker on the map, e-mail me the name and, if possible, the Google Map coordinates of the location! My contact detail is in the ‘About‘ menu.). Don’t forget to add your name with the marker!
  2. On 6.9.14 visit your sites and count shorebirds.
  3. Submit site checklist individually to eBird.
Counting locations of the very first World Shorebirds Day to be held in 6 September 2014. Add your point to the map by sending a mail to us. Tell us where, on that day, you will count shorebirds.


If we find your data from 6.9.14 in the eBird database and you added your dot on the map, you are eligible for participating in the draw. In case you win, it is totally up to you what bird books do you want us to be delivered to your address!

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