Birding around Frankfurt Airport: Grosser Feldberg

Frankfurt Airport (FRA) is the gateway to continental Europe. Many airlines use the Airport as a hub for connecting flights all over the world. If you have spare time between two flight and you are a birdwatcher, you might be interested to know, where you can find good places to stretch your legs, enjoy fresh air and enjoy birding for typical european birds.

If you have the time and you can use a car, you should consider a trip to the Taunus Mountains northwest of Frankfurt. The Grosser Feldberg is only the most reknown – and due to easy access by a curvy road – the most visited of the Peaks of the Taunus near Frankfurt

In dense fog and strong north-western wind on the morning of the 7th of October 2012 38 Ring Ouzel (Turdus torquatus)  could be seen around the hightest summit of the taunus, the Grosser Feldberg. (Gr. Feldberg> 26 ind.; in the little town of Oberreifenberg nearby: 12 individuals). In general the time in September and October is excellent to see the active Migration of many bird species.

Generally March and April are best for viewing woodpeckers as the birds are quite vocal at this time and foliage growth is still sparse enough, enabling you to see them. It is not only the Grosser Feldberg which is worth a visit. But the Grosser Feldberg

is only one of the peaks of the Taunus near Frankfurt. Other Peaks at around 800 m asl are also waiting for your visit. Notably there is the Kleiner Feldberg and – best, as I think – the Altkoenig. The Altkoenig is a Nature Reserve and probably has the best flora and fauna of all the Taunus peaks. The extensive coniferous forests that clad the slopes of the higher Taunus support small populations of rarer European species such as Hazel Grouse (?) and Tengmalm’s Owl. However these birds are very thinly distributed and your chances of seeing them are very limited without local knowledge.

Hope all this helps you birders who are researching your next trip to Germany or spending the time during a stop-over in Frankfurt.

Feel free to contact me. I am are always interested in getting feedback from birders both before and after their visits to Frankfurt: you can help us improve facilities and also provide us with more info on birds around Frankfurt in the Rhein-Main area.  Bird-lens is very interested in expanding our knowledge of birdlife in the area. In general we have a good overview of much, but bird info on good numbers, rarities, nice photos, etc is always very interesting.

You are most welcome to Frankfurt, and we are happy to help you out with info and advice!

There are other places in the nearer surroundings but access is a bit tricky. Please contact via the contact form (please leave a valid e-mail address, too) if I can give further directions or even guide you!



  1. Hi
    I’m staying at the Kronberg Schlosshotel for 5 days 24-29 July and will have some time to bird in the nearby areas like Altkonig or Grosser Feldberg. Do you recommend these places or someplace else? I have a car so getting around no problem. Is there a guide you can recommend? Thanks

    1. Hi Ron, some of my recommodations on <> are dependant on the season. The Taunus is still excellent, especially if you want to combine hiking and bird-watching. As you have 5 days in total I would go as a bird watcher or photographer to the palmengarten in – more or less – downtown Frankfurt An alternative, even closer (and faster) by the airport is the area around the Langener Waldseen ( Due to the long distances to the birds, this is better for the birdwatcher. The birds are “better” in winter here than everywhere else in the surrounding of the airport, but give it a try in July.
      Good luck – and if you like to write a little blog about your experiences (or a comment to one of the bird-lens-articles) you are more than welcome. Best regards

    1. Hi Ron, excellent choice. 2 quite different habitats. The Kuhkopf-Knoblochsaue – the biggest nature reserve in Hesse – might be a site well worth, too. Cheers

      1. Hi Jonas
        I’m back in Singapore after birding at Schwanheimer dunen, Altkonig and Viktoriapark in Kronberg. Could I have your email to ask your help in identifying a few birds?
        Many thanks. Ron

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