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Birding around Frankfurt Airport – finding Eurasian Eagle-Owls in Taunus hills

Uhu - MännchenIt has been thanks to reintroduction campaigns in recent decades that the Taunus today belongs to one of the most densely populated regions of Eurasian Eagle-Owl (Bubo bubo) in Germany. Often the quarries inhabited by the great night-hunters are only a few kilometers apart. The owls do not only colonize the large abandoned mining areas, but also small, long-overgrown quarries and even active mining areas, where they work directly on the breeding wall. A hatchery is usually not much more than a hollow under an overhang, which at least protects something from rain. The trough is practically not padded and barely cleared of stones. As soon as the young owls hatch, the trough visibly gets dirty through food and dung residues. In quarries you can see the traces of the Eurasian Eagle-Owl not infrequently on the remains of plucking. Remnants of plucking can range from hedgehog blankets, half pigeons, pigeon feathers, crow feathers to washed out casts.

After a few weeks, the place is covered with dirt, plucking remnants and vermin, so that one smells the nest from a few meters away rather than sees. If the young birds are still constantly warmed by their parents in the first few weeks, the old Eurasian Eagle-Owls come later only to deliver the prey and then retire somewhere in the rock face or on a nearby tree. At the age of about six weeks, the offspring leaves the eyrie and begins to climb around in the quarry. Although the young birds still stay together for the time being, they Continue reading Birding around Frankfurt Airport – finding Eurasian Eagle-Owls in Taunus hills